11 February 2010

Is Obama owned by the Banks?

I found a rather informative post online today, titled "Obama's Owned -- You Can Bank" on It by Anne Coulte.

In the article, she discusses several issues, such as the contributions to Obama's campaign by some of the major banks. How banks benefited from billions, besides the bank bailouts. Why it is so wrong that banks take risky gambles, get bailed out by the taxpayer and are allowed to keep gambling and giving themselves huge bonuses in the process, despite all the suffering caused by the recession which followed their financial implosion.

Basically, it's like knowing someone that's a gambling addict. When he wins, he and his mates get lots of dosh (to celebrate). When he looses, he comes and gets the money off you to pay his debt off and pay him and his friends lots of dosh (presumably to commiserate their loss), then carries right back on gambling!

Would we choose to do this in real life? And yet, the banking situation is real life, its just that we don't seem to get to make the decisions... Curious really, considering they are using our money.

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