3 February 2010

Power2010: Putting the voice of the people back into politics

Power2010 is a website set up to identify five issues which are of the most concern to people and then seek to make the parliamentary parties agree to undertake these by the next election (rumoured, though unconfirmed, to be due to be held on 6th of May 2010).

Or in their own words: "POWER2010 is a unique campaign to give everyone the chance to have a say in how our democracy works for us. What is different about POWER2010 is that you're in the driving seat. We're not asking you to back our goals. We're asking you to help create them. At the next election we will work to ensure every candidate commits to the reforms you most want to see as part of a nation-wide campaign to reinvigorate our democracy from the bottom up."

Visitors to the site are invited to vote for the five issues they would most like to see changes in and at the end of this stage of public voting (22nd February 2010) the five most popular ideas will become the Power 2010 Campaign pledges which they will seek to make every candidate in the forthcoming elections to commit to the pledges.

Currently, the top five pledges are:

  1. Introduce a proportional voting system

  2. Scrap ID cards and roll back the database state

  3. A Written Constitution

  4. Fixed term parliaments

  5. English votes on English laws

More information can be found on their website here

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