21 June 2009

Cancer Treatments

I have come across a book into alternative treatments for cancer which, according to the author, have a much higher recovery rate than using treatments such as chemotherapy and radio therapy. It's called
Cancer: Step Outside the Box by Ty M. Bollinger. I haven't quite finished it yet, but it's been good reading so far and if you believe what you read, it is well worth taking a look.

I've provided a link to preview pages of it here, and it's selling page on amazon.com so you can see what others have said about it (lots of reviews of the book there too). It is also available for download here.

The author Ty writes about how pharmaceutical companies make millions from slowing cancer down and treating it. He then goes into information which has lead him to believe that there are pharmaceutical companies, whom he refers to as "Big Pharma", that have suppressed information regarding the effectiveness of alternative therapies. Ty goes into several reasons for why he thinks that this may be the case, and they are usually related to financial gains for the company's he refers to. Ty discusses how pharmaceutical companies cannot patent naturally occurring molecules (found in nature) and can only patent their man made molecules/drugs. Thus, for those who would seek to make money from medicine, the money lies in the patented "treatments" rather than more easily accessible alternatives.

His books claim that survival rates are drastically higher (30 fold) for those that try appropriate alternative treatments for cancer, rather than toxic chemotherapy and radiotherapy which destroy your own healthy body cells along with the cancer cells.

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