5 June 2009

Made in God's image - The human trinity

The Human Trinity

The bible says that we are made in God's image (Genesis 1:27). God's trinity comprises of :-

Holy Spirit

We are also made up of a trinity of soul, body and spirit. The figure below shows how these different aspects of a person can influence our choices actions and words.

The Spirit is the still small voice which pricks our conscience and can give us insight into God's view of things, although your flesh may not always like what you hear! As our heavenly Father, God may need to discipline us and obeying His Spirit, may involve the killing of your flesh and its self-interests. This is our direct link for God which means we can have a one to one relationship with him as a child should with his parents.

The Soul - The decision making part of you. The conscious mind which determines whether we will be led by the voice of our spirits and act in love, or whether we will follow the desires off the flesh - opting for self gratification over love for others. It is our soul which we are improving when we allow ourselves to become more lead by God as our spirit is perfect (being God's - we just have to learn to listen to it more!) and the flesh will pass away. It is our choice whether we want to listen to our flesh or our spirit - free will.

The Body is the flesh, with its appetites, lusts and desires. It is "all about "me"" with the body and instant self gratification where possible. The bible says that our flesh wars against our spirit (Galatians 5:17). I know which one I'm routing for!

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