17 January 2010

Eye Witness Account of Unidentified Orange lights seen over Colchester

Following my earlier post regarding unidentified orange lights being seen over Colchester, I now have a fuller eye witness account of the incident. Due to the nature of his employment, he has requested that he remain anonymous for now, but is willing to allow me to pass his details on to those who contact me directly.

According to UK-UFO.co.uk, numerous unidentified flying objects sightings have been reported in Colchester (click here to see Colchester sightings recorded). Below is the statement of one of the three men that saw the sighting at the same time tonight, as reported on here earlier this evening:

"I was at work when I saw an orange light in the sky which caught my eye. As I looked up to check it out, I saw another one quite a large distance ahead of it (over 200m I reckon) and a third one which was just vanishing from sight (they were moving away from me in a south westerly direction).

I then turned around to see another one passing over my head and another one coming, all the same distances apart, travelling at the same speed. At this point, I then called mycolleague to come outside to see them, at which time there were around six or seven. We then stood and watched and saw another minimum of two coming over. This was followed by one more (final) orange light that did not follow the same path as the others as it headed in a westerly direction.

At this point, a third college came onto the site exclaiming "did you see that?" he showed us some photos he had attempted to take but they hadn't come out well.

As we looked at the pictures we saw around five or six planes (at differing altitudes, unlike the earlier lights). They seemed to come from different directions but then all headed south west in the same path of the original orange lights.

The lights we saw were travelling at some speed, approximately three times faster than the planes which were following them, with the exception of one of the planes. One of the planes appeared to be larger and faster than the others, and seemed to be at a similar altitude to the lights, which had seemed to be flying at a lower altitude to the planes that came after them.

As it was pretty dark, but clear and cloudless, it was difficult to tell whether the orange lights belonged to one large object or separate objects. I say this as it was suprising how constantly in line they remained, in terms of speed, altitude and direction.

I used to be in the army and am familiar with a range of aircraft, but I have never seen anything like these before."

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