24 June 2009

Alex Jones - the man that cannot be silenced

Alex Jones has been investigating truth theories and publicising his findings and thoughts via radio, TV and the internet. He's pretty charismatic (to put it mildly) and manages to get into places that others don't. He asks the questions many people want answers for and seeks to raise awareness of issues he feels are overlooked by the mass/main media. He then uses a variety of forums, as mentioned to pass that information on to the public.

Anyway, I'll post some links to some of his material online and you can decide what you think about him for yourself.

infowars.com - his website, quite a full and busy looking site. Has daily radio broadcasts.

Prison Planet - Lots of Alex Jones videos and articles

Endgame Video - This one is definately worth a watch too. It discusses how the new world order has been taking shape and what to watch out for.

Bohemian Grove Video - This is said to be a secret satanic meeting attended by members of the Illuminati. Alex Jones managed to get onto the grounds during a ceremony and this video is the result.

Obama Deception Video - I was one of those rooting for Obama, but have been increasingly disappointing to see how similar his policies seem to be to his predecessor. Despite having pretty much a clean slate to take anyone he wanted into congress he seems to have chosen people who are less likely to bring about change than George Bush himself! Why is that? Promises he made have all but disappeared eg ending the war in Iraq, closing Guantanomo Bay etc... Unfortunately, the more I research on him, the worse it seems to get. This video discusses whether Obama could be another part of the New World Order so you can watch and decide for yourself.

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