12 September 2009

Future Topics

I shall add further topics in the future covering issues listed below, amongst others. I would encourage you to research any of these topics, if they interest you, in the meantime. You may be surprised at how much information is out there.

Future Topics:-

Fluoridation of water supplies - Fluoride is a neurotoxin that was used in Nazi concentration camps to keep the population subdued, yet it is being added to some of our water supplies. This is despite public protest, the dental problems it can cause (such as fluorosis, which can cause people to loose their teeth) and other (potentially more serious) health complications.

Medicating the population via the water supply is also said to be contrary to European Laws. Article 35 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights for example, promises that "...A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities." but with such question remaining over the risks of water fluoridation, can one be sure that we are receiving this?

Here's a link to a Video on water fluoridation.

Wikipedia entry

Food Additives - Many things added to foods, such as Aspartame (artificial sweetener) and monosodium glutamate (MSG) have caused concern amongst consumers for the health risks they are linked to. Despite the availability of alternatives that do not have such risks, such as Stevia, and the fact that the World Health Organisation has received more complaints about aspartame than any other single substance, companies continue to use it in an ever growing range of products (check your labels guys). Click here for article on Aspartame.

Verichips/RFID/Mark of the Beast

Video here on how these are being introduced, have you noticed that many children cannot now pay for meals with cash? Instead they are having to use card payment systems, or in my nephews school thumbprinting to access credit for meals!

When they have gotten rid of cash and passed the laws to make ID cards legal, it will be a crime not to have one. Then they will say they have the "grounds" to legally require people to have implants to "prevent people from being able to break the law".

Global Population Control

Secret Clubs/Societies

Illuminati Bloodlines


What can be done?


Anonymous said...

In a classic study, two groups of people were put in rooms to work on puzzles and do proofreading while loud, random noises recurred in the background. One group was left alone, while the other was given a button they could press to turn off the sound. The second group solved five times as many puzzles and made fewer proofreading errors. No member of the second group ever pressed the button. Knowing it was there was all that mattered.
Is this the real power of democracy?

Revealer said...


sorry, I only just saw your comment.

As for whether that could be showing the "true power of democracy", are you referring to the apparent group complacency and lack of anyone choosing to do anything to improve the situation? Or to the way in which the 2nd groups performance was superior to the control group, due to their belief that they could do something to improve the situation, even though they ultimately chose not too?

Which study was this by the way, a reference would be much appreciated? Thank you for your comment :)

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