17 January 2010

Unidentified orange lights seen flying over Colchester, UK, this evening

NHS staff at in West Colchester, spoke of their surprise tonight after seeing 8-10 bright orange objects crossing the skyline at speeds. The objects, which the staff (including a former soldier) could not identify, were said to have been flying at equal distances apart in a straight line. Four or five planes were then seen to be following the lights as if they were "trailing" them, although at a much slower speed.

Due to the dark sky and height of the lights, eye witnesses could not be sure whether the lights were separate, or part of one large object (due to the uniformity of movement of the lights and the speed they were travelling at). They did dismiss the possibility of them being fire lanterns though, due to the speed the lights were moving at "approximately three times faster than the planes" as well as the equal distances maintained between lights and the direction of travel (horizontally rather than vertically).

This took place over the space of around five minutes at approximately 18.35pm a quick search on google after my initial post on this topic has revealed that this is not the first time this has been reported in Colchester. As this link here shows.

I will be looking into this further and reporting back with my findings.

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