29 January 2010

Supriem Rockefeller - The Self-proclaimed Antichrist

recently came across material referring to a guy called Supriem Rockefeller who claims that he is Lucifer Reincarnate and the Antichrist that prophesies have spoken off.

Apparently, Supriem (aka Supreme) has VERY big people and powers behind him and tonight I found a posting on CNN Money (here) that talks about how he is starting to build the third temple in Jerusalem (as mentioned in the book linked here).

More information and a book about him can be found at Wes Penre website here. I am still in the process of reading the material and was waiting until I finished before posting but when I came across the CNN post online today I thought I'd best give you guys the heads up, sooner rather than later, so you can judge for yourselves

Wes is also the author of the resource packed illuminati news.

Kinda freaky guys but this guy has his fingers in pretty much everything. A forum discssing him can be found here (along with links to information on some of his many businesses).

And for the record, yes, he does want a one world government (Allied union) and a one world currency (Allied Unit)!

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