8 January 2010

Leaders of the World doing Satanic Salutes?

There are many, many photographs of world leaders and celebrities doing a hand signal which happens to be known as the satanic salute or "sign of the horns". A few examples are shown below, but more can be found by following
this link or by doing a search for satanic salutes in a search engine.

While those defending the use of the hand signal have cited its alternative meanings, such as a the "Texas Longhorn" or "Texas UT" symbol, this does not explain why it would be used by European politicians. As for the hand signal shown by Obama, this variation is also the symbol for "I love you" in the sign language developed by Helen Keller.

The ambiguity of the gesture made in pictures such as these has resulted in speculation as to what is meant by the individual in their choice of signal and
even if the intent is innocent, it does not seem particularly pertinent to keep on using it. Given the satanic connotations of the signal, one would think that the advisers of these world leaders would make them aware of this issue, if they are not already aware.

Politicians usually try not to commit acts in public which could have a negative impact on how they are viewed by the public. If ever there was a signal that could be seen to have a negative meaning, then this is surely one of them. The Nazi salute for example, while it may be viewed as innocent by some, it would understandably cause offence to many if world leaders started to use it, something politicians are usually eager to avoid in the PC age we live in. The hand signals pictured below also have strongly negative interpretations attached to them so my advice would be, if you don't want people to think you worship satan, then I would avoid using what is known as his salute, regardless of any alternative meanings for it!

Barack Obama (USA President)

Mr & Mrs Bush (Former USA President & First Lady)

Sarkozy (French President)

Pope Benedict XVI (Current Pope)

Link to a website with more pictures and information

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