8 June 2009

Conspiracy Theories Intro

OK, I told you this site wasn't all mainstream Christianity, although it will be biblical. The research I have conducted to date, into conspiracy theories regarding the creation of a New World Order, seems to mirror the end of days prophecy's of the bible's book of Revelations. Researching these topics has helped to increase my faith and understanding further, and I pray that it may similarly inspire you.

It may initially seem like nonsense to some, but if you can shake of your shackles of doubt and disbelief long enough to read some of the information which is actually quite easily available, you will see the pages recorded in the Book of Revelations unfolding before your eyes!

As Christians, we are encouraged to test all things, not be blindly accepting or unbelieving. If you will walk with me a while (in a web surfing sense, and perhaps even spiritual) I think you too will see why we were told to watch the times..

I shall put some links in to websites that have some excellent, or interesting info (in my opinion). But I may cut and paste at a later date, where permitted, for your ease of browsing. Good luck fellow traveller, may your path be lit by the one true light :)

Some interesting websites:-

Illuminati News - If you could only check out one website, I would advise this one, it is packed with links and info, enough material for a very good introduction to the terminology used and who's who in the scheme of things.

Infowars.com - This is a website by a radio journalist and website owner who has many videos on youtube, many of which have been watched hundreds of thousands of times. His name is Alex Jones and he's made some videos that I believe are well worth a watch to those wishing to know more about the new world order etc (links above in Alex Jones section).

Hidden Hand interview - Heard of the illuminati? But who's pulling their strings? This is said to be an interview with a guy who is one of those giving the illuminati their orders. Definately worth a read, and worth making the time for at least once. I would say that much of what he said, confirms the biblical view on things, although, I would advise people to check out what he says and test it for themselves. The bible helped me to sort out which bits of advice he offered would not work well for me. For example, he encourages people to follow their feelings, however as a christian, I believe we should be spirit led instead. I believe that we should follow our spirits rather than just our feelings, as we have no control over feelings and they can be fickle and changing. I don't know about you but I desire to be more consistent than emotions can be, I like to be more in control of my actions than just doing whatever I may feel like doing at a moment in time, otherwise we can become increasingly self centred and impulsive. I have a pictorial aid regarding the trinity of man posted in the section called "the human trinity", it may help you to see why I believe following a spiritual lead is preferable to following an emotive lead (ie decisions based on feelings).

Another point I also bear in mind is that the hidden hand claims that we need to be 51% positive (ie thinking of others rather than ourselves) to be classed as positive beings. While this level of consideration for others may seem challenging to achieve, perhaps even with the help of God, I believe it's worth reminding ourselves that we have been promised that we are saved once we have the seal of the holy spirit, given to us when we confess our belief, that is our covenant (Romans 10:9-10; 8:11; Ephesians 1:13-14). The rest is done out of love for others and as we become more Christ like, we should also become more loving and considerate of others but our salvation is not dependant on that according to the bible (Ephesians 1:13-14).

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