3 February 2010

Government "declare war" on Climate change sceptics!

As noted in this Guardian article here it seems that the government has decided that those who do not blindly accept the case for man made climate change, regardless of how questionable the data used to bolster the case, are now considered "profoundly dangerous"

It is concerning that an issue that should only be based on science, which by its very nature tests differing hypothesis to arrive at conclusions, is deemed by the government to be irrefutable and unquestionable. Particularly as so many prominent scientists disagree with the government's position.

According to Mr Miliband, it is not who you are but rather, what you say, that determines whether they consider you to be "profoundly dangerous". So if you are an established scientist, with meaningful data that does not conform to their view, do not expect to be heard out!

The government's position of "no discussion" sounds similar to their policies with those they consider to be terrorists, which I hope is not a sign of things to come. Particularly given the Pentagon's recent decision to put Climate Change on the military agenda as a possible "accelerant" to conflict (see article here).

One comment left in response, to the Guardian article, seemed to cover many of the concerns "sceptics" voice (ie those who still have an open mind or some degree of objectivity). I have attached the post in full below as many comments seem to be being deleted and I thought this one was worth saving:

Comment left by "Robbinghood" 31 Jan 2010, 2:01AM

"I am amazed that this country can have such dumbwits in charge of our economy and energy.policy. On second thoughts, I'm not surprised about anything that comes out of this wretched government.

First of all, Mr Miliband, no-one in the Labour administration has any right to lecture anyone on energy security. Of all the major economies in Europe, because of the complete lack of an energy policy since Labour has been in power, we in the UK the most vulnerable to disruption. Just bear in mind three things, please:

1. If it weren't for French nuclear power generation and the Interconnector, the lights would be going out in the UK on a regular basis TODAY not sometime in the future.
2. During the recent cold weather, some parts of British industry had their gas supplies cut off. I don't care how low the temperature went, or for how long, this action proves what a miserable job your 'government' has done in providing energy security. This was a national disgrace as well as costing the economy many millions.
3. A very large part of your strategy for UK energy 'security' is to make us dependent on some of the nastiest and potentially most unstable countries in the world for hydrocarbons., together with horrendously expensive technology (that provides lots of foreign jobs but relatively few in the UK itself) that cannot possibly be reliable.

Set against a backdrop of the UK having the greatest potential of any European country for complete energy self-sufficiency through a mix of indigenous hydrocarbons, coal, nuclear, tidal and wind, the state to which your 'government' has reduced this nation's energy situation is nothing short of catastrophe.

Turning to the issue of climate change, why am I not surprised that a Labour Minister tries to make light of cover ups, dodgy dossiers, and suppression of information? No. I'm not talking about Iraq or MPs expenses, I'm referring to the UEA, the IPCC, and Copenhagen. You and your colleagues may think that by saying the same thing over and over again, it somehow makes it come true but I assure you that fewer and fewer people are listening to you and the more hysterical you become in your defence of the indefensible, the more your audience will contract.

It would help you a bit more if the government were more honest on its approach to climate change taxes and other financial burdens this unproven predictions have placed upon our economy. Look at carbon cap and trade. Horrendously expensive, heavily abused by fraudsters and criticised across the spectrum, including the green lobby.

Look at the patently broken promises that the Climate Change levy on business would be fiscally neutral for business. Where do those billions raised by the climate change levy go, by the way, Mr Miliband? Apart from the many millions spent on cartoons and the annual £125million plus for that ridiculous quango, the Carbon Trust, there doesn't seem to be much hypothecation towards energy conservation or security.

So please, Mr Miliband, before you start waving your big stick at deniers and sceptics, get your own house in order first."

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