5 January 2010

Bilderberg Group Meetings confirmed! It is not a conspiracy theory!

You may have seen me refer to
Bilderberg Group meetings earlier in the website. Well, despite often being referred to as a conspiracy (despite the many videos and evidence of such meetings) they have been confirmed as taking place by the Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, Viscount Etienne Davignon (corporate director and former European Commissioner) during an interview with BBC News. The interview can be read here.

Rather refreshingly (or is that boldly?) no attempt is made to deny the existence of the group, or the meetings, nor the fact that leaders such as Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Margret Thatcher attended meetings with the Bilderberg Group before being elected to be Prime Minister. Wikipedia has a list of people said to have attended Bilderberg meetings, the list includes politicians (eg Peter Mendleson), Royalty, media and businessmen from around the world. Despite the international nature of these meetings, what they meet about is kept completely secret.

This makes me wonder, if the existence of these meetings is an acknowledged fact, why are they referred to as a conspiracy theory and why are they so unknown about by the public?

BBC News Interview with Chairman of the Bilderberg Group

BBC News Article on the Bilderberg Group

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