27 January 2010

Bounty to Arrest Tony Blair for crimes against peace – Update

My article yesterday (here) had a link to a new website set up by George Monbiot which had the rather revolutionary idea of offering a bounty to people who attempted to perform a peaceful citizen’s arrest on Tony Blair.

The site (arrestblair.org) was opened on 25.01.10 and by 9am on 27.01.10 it had collected a donated bounty of £9432.00, giving some indication of how strongly members of the public feel that Tony Blair should be prosecuted for what was considered to be an illegal war by the government’s own legal advisors (here).

The payment method, for those donating to the bounty was originally paypal. However, paypal have now stopped accepting donations to the account so donations have to be made via bank transfers instead. While this is a slower way to donate, if people are serious about encouraging others to "give it a go", they still can.

Although Tony Blair advises us to “move on” from the Iraq war (something the thousands that have died in it are unable to do) others have asserted that if other world leaders have had to face trials for crimes they have committed, including wars, then the same should apply to Tony Blair.

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